Hey, who invited all those mosquitoes to your house?!

Not you, right? Maybe a good type of window insect screen is what you need to keep all those annoying insects out: especially in the summer, your home is prey to these unwanted guests, and something has to be done if you don’t want to have to swat them one by one!

Many people have needs similar to your own, and the making of insect screens provides you with practical shield that can protect you from flies, bees and mosquitoes with no effort and at a low cost.
You should be happy to be able to relax in your own home, and a swarm of biting little bugs certainly doesn’t help you to do so: the making of insect screens has a very specific purpose, which is to make your home safer and more comfortable, without requiring any effort on your part.

Made-to-measure insect screens: the best protection against insects!

The production of made-to-measure insect screens is something that requires passion, commitment and experimentation: stronger and lighter materials are used by the manufacturers of frames and mesh fibers, in order to continually improve protection against insects and at the same time make them easier and more practical to use.

Continuous innovations have made it possible in recent years to manufacture advanced designs that more and more are able to meet specific needs: fixed and movable models for windows and French windows, vertical and horizontal sliding, filtering for protection against sunlight and much more.

Grifoflex supplies insect screens in Umbria and all over Italy that are able to guarantee sturdiness and strength and that are extremely easy and practical to use.
Vertical sliding panel insect screens in particular have proven to be perfect for those who want protection against insects with the most compact frames possible.

Vertical sliding panel insect screens: compact frames and perfect protection!

Vertical sliding panel insect screens are two-panel screens with a rigid frame that slide open vertically, built with an extruded aluminum frame on all four sides and side compensating pieces.
An exquisite blend of design and performance, easy to use and with a compact frame, these models are available with either a fiberglass, aluminum or stainless steel mesh screen.
They can also be made with horizontal sliding movement with two or three panels.

Thanks to their compactness, these types of sliding insect screens are perfect because they allow you to obtain effective protection against insects even when you don’t have much space available.
Extracting and retracting the screens can be a bothersome operation: if you need to open your windows frequently, sliding panel insect screens make it easy to extract and retract the screen, thanks to the side springs inserted in the panels: sparing you a lot of trouble!

Don’t need to completely open your window (or door), and you want sturdy, practical insect screens? Then sliding panel screens may be what you’re looking for.

Has this article been helpful? If you need advice or are looking for insect screens in Perugia, contact us with no obligation, and we’ll provide you with the solution that’s right for you!