SUNOX the ANTIVIRUS and ANTIBACTERIAL insect screen manufactured by T.I.E.

Grifo Flex has always selected its mesh from the very best manufacturers. Over recent years, the range of mesh has increased widely: coloured, zebra, more visible, high visibility from the outside... And last but not least, is our SUNOX mesh.
Our SUNOX antibacterial mesh filters the air and reduces bacterial growth and viruses to improve your living environment. It is a top quality product, manufactured 100% in Italy. The active filter Sunox® has been certified and patented by the Institute of Research, Next Technology Tecnotessile.

Sunox® is a system of “interior design” which uses photocatalytic materials and full-spectrum fluorescent lamps. Sunox® can be used to cover any surface, including insect screens, as photocatalysis is ensured by the sun’s rays.

Photocatalysis is a photoreaction in which the catalyst remains unchanged. It does not wear out because there are no chemical reactions and this makes it “everlasting”. Similar to the process of photosynthesis, Sunox® “exploits” sunlight which uses the humidity and oxygen present to energise a cleaning, purifying agent. This transforms the organic substances into carbon dioxide and water.

A mesh that’s “always active”

The nanotechnologies in the Sunox® system automatically trigger anti-bacterial and anti-virus effects. Every day, they naturally facilitate the formation of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) without any pollution, thanks to the sun.  As numerous studies have shown, ROS are the main species involved in these anti-bacterial and anti-virus actions, yet they remain perfectly harmless for humans.

SUNOX antibacterial mesh: an ally for your wellbeing

Antibacterial action

Numerous microbiological analyses, conducted by accredited laboratories according to the standard ISO 27447:2009, have proved the bactericide action of Sunox® is valid.

Antivirus action

The Department of Public Health and Hygiene of the University of Florence, an accredited laboratory for virological monitoring and validated by the National Centre of WHO, has conducted a study on the antivirus action of Sunox®.