Grifo Flex Express delivers on time and according to a annual schedule to guarantee impeccable service.

Distribution logistics have a strategic role for Grifo Flex: the company fleet bears the Grifo Flex Express logo in order to emphasize not only the regularity and punctuality of our scheduled deliveries, but also our rapid service. Guaranteeing in advance the certainty of the arrival date of the products you have ordered is very important for us. And it is essential that you know they’ll arrive safe and sound because they are treated with care. Another plus is the possibility of having our drivers pick up products to be repaired directly from the customer. Service for areas not covered directly by Grifo Flex distribution is provided professionally and competently by major carriers and shipping companies.


The friendly and professional Call Center is at your service for orders, information and technical advice.

Grifo Flex’s goal is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and thus to provide high quality products, solutions and services.
Our Customer Service operators offer courtesy and professionalism to ensure reliable pre- and after-sales support, for solving specific problems and being able to offer, in the most satisfactory way possible, the right solutions for the needs expressed by the customers and advice on the best use of our products.
Our Customer Care’s ability to listen and technical training, backed by the presence of our specialized staff, make it a valuable everyday tool.


Old insect screens can be repaired: our staff is specialized in making them like new and bringing them up to standard.

Insect screens can break for a number of reasons: if a pet bangs into them or a guest accidentally walks through a door without noticing the screen, it can damage the mesh.
They can become damaged simply through deterioration and wear and tear over time: they are guaranteed for three years, but they are not exempt from the consequences of prolonged exposure to the elements.
Grifo Flex has a unique and efficient repair service, which goes from replacement of the mesh to that of worn accessories.
Repairs are done by our specialized staff, which works exclusively on repairs.