Did you remember to water your flowers on the balcony? No?
So, you’re watering the flowers, and… a mosquito sneaks in the house because the window’s open!  
It’s very annoying, but it’s a nuisance you can avoid by installing practical insect screens. Still, the question naturally comes up: how do you know which protection against insects that is best for you?

Choose the made-to-measure insect screens that are best for you!

First of all, focus on what you want to protect: for windows, vertical retractable screens are highly recommended; for French windows, porches and balconies, horizontal retractable models are better.

Now think about how many times every day you need to open the screen: it is not advisable to choose the same model for a balcony that you use once a week and for a window that you open all the time. For example, pleated screens, without a guide track on the floor, work very well for balconies, whereas vertical sliding panel models are the best solution for windows where there isn’t much space available.

Plus, you need to take into account the time needed and any difficulties there might be with installation, especially if it’s the first time you’re doing something like this: if you are looking for an effective, easy-to-use insect screen, consider the possibility of getting efficient, practical and durable roll up screens!

Roll up insect screens: architectural addition, practicality and definite savings!

Why use chemical products or plants that require constant care when you can get an insect screen that doesn’t need frequent maintenance?

Roll up insect screens are a type of insect protection consisting of a sturdy aluminum frame, a practical mesh opening system and a strong fiberglass mesh, which can be opened either horizontally or vertically.

Roll up models provide excellent protection against bothersome nighttime visitors, are easy to paint and can be integrated with additional components to increase protection against sunlight. To make your home even more attractive, you can choose the color you prefer and that best matches your rooms.
Don’t underestimate screens as a part of your home decoration!

Roll up screens can be installed in just a few minutes without invasive work on your walls, with just a drill, a few anchor plugs and a few installation accessories – saving you lots of time and effort!

Grifo Flex roll up insect screens are available in many models and colors, perfect for those who are looking for practical, safe, long-lasting quality products.
The PVC-coated fiberglass mesh rolls up easily into its canister, guaranteeing smooth operation and long life thanks to the high quality fiber of the mesh.

Are you thinking about the noise caused by the accidental retraction of the screen? Don’t worry: the spring-operated models are available with a viscodynamic braking device that makes retraction of the mesh slower and quieter.

Has this article been helpful? If you need advice or Grifo Flex insect screens, contact us with no obligation, and we’ll provide you with the solution that’s right for you!