Roller Shutters

Shutters in PVC are made with hollow slats in extruded PVC, with variable design, thickness and weight. The bottom slat is in PVC, in the matching color. Shutters of greater widths have reinforcing bars inserted.
Aluminum shutters are insulated with polyurethane foam. The slats are made by cold profiling of a prepainted aluminum alloy, and are subsequently filled with “medium density” or “high density” (HD) polyurethane.
Steel shutters are aesthetically the same as aluminum shutters. The hollow slats are made by cold forming of plasticized steel alloy and are insulated with polyurethane foam.
Standard (for both aluminum and steel): aluminum bottom slat with brush, side plugs, 28 mm stop plugs, extruded aluminum roller attachments with straps. The colors are subject to tolerances technically impossible to eliminate, therefore they are not disputable.

Lista dei modelli

PVC 55

  • Stecche cave in PVC estruso
  • Sezione 14x55 mm
  • Complete di…