Europa LineTelescoping guide tracks • Windproof buttons

The Europa line, is characterized by compensating caps and telescoping  guide tracks, which makes installation easier for windows that are out of square. Nylon windproof buttons hold the mesh in the guides (applied according to the dimensions and the canister).
Precise design, easy installation and wear resistance are its main features.
Standard 55 mm canister; by request 45 mm (version 50 or 45).
Retractor roller with reinforcement ribs that increase its flexural resistance.
Telescoping guide tracks with nylon upper guide parts and bottom hooks with position memory.
Fiberglass mesh, covered with grey PVC highly resistant to atmospheric agents, washable, self-extinguishing.
Bar handle with a grip along its entire length, nylon ends (slides) that slide inside the guide tracks and an insect-proof brush in high-quality, water repellent polypropylene, UV-stabilized and entirely recyclable, with high wear resistance.
The GARDA and CONFORT models have a spring made from phosphated pre-galvanized steel wire for the retracting of the mesh.
The ISEO model is manually chain-operated, with a clutch, for the upper retraction of the mesh: the clutch makes movements easier and prevents the involuntary lowering of the mesh.
Finally, GARDA MOTORE 3V satisfies those applications where motorization is required, but electricity is not available.
Unless otherwise specified, the Europa line of insect screens are supplied with a 55 cm canister and daylight opening dimensions. Grifo Flex recommends always supplying the masonry opening dimensions (daylight opening dimensions).

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