SilightExtendable Grilles • Class 3

The Silight extendable grille is designed to provide an answer to the need for safety, elegance and functionality, with excellent value for money. It allows you to protect your home environments only when needed and to free them in a moment. 
Silight is made with an internal zinc/magnesium treated steel structure and an external aluminum covering. It is both strong and quiet.
Armor. The bars (fixed and movable) are made from cold drawn steel that have a series of curves that cause localized stiffening that make it more difficult to cut. This conformation not only gives it greater strength, it also considerably increases the stability of the entire structure.
Aluminum. The facing of the bars and locking bar, the upper and lower guides and the compensation profiles are in painted extruded T6060 aluminum.
Sliding and joints. The body of the carriages, the joints of the guides with the bars (angles) and the lever sliding and stopping systems are made from “Strengthened Polyamide 66,” a self-lubricating material with very high impact resistance even when cold (-30°C), remarkable resistance to abrasion and that is immune to corrosion.
The wheels of the carriages and the lower bar protection elements are in POM (acetal resin), a self-lubricating thermoplastic material with a low friction coefficient, resistant to wear and at low and high temperatures.
Carriages. Each movable bar is connected to a two-wheel carriage. The locking bar has a 4-wheel carriage for greater structure stability and sliding.
Linkage levers. These are made from galvanized and painted steel. They consist of two elements connected to each other at the middle, forming an “X”.
Lower guide. This is made in full compliance with the technical provisions provided for by D.M. 236-89 against architectural barriers. In addition to the fixed position on the floor, by request the guide can also be raised up to 90° (by means of a special joint) or extractable.
Retracted grille. When the grille is open, the group of retracted bars occupies a space equal to 15-20% of the width. In order to have the opening completely free, the group of bars can be rotated or can retract into a box previously set in the wall.
Lock with central latch in zamak. With stainless steel front and 3 locking points (along with the latch, 2 locking rods, upper and lower, made from 8 mm round steel bar). When the grille is retracted, the group of bars is locked with a simple turn of the key.
R6 lock cylinder with internal anti-drill defender and 3 keys, certified according to the European UNI EN 1303:2005 standard.
Anchoring. The grille is installed with adjustable side pieces and compensating profiles, also in aluminum, for the balancing masonry irregularities and suitable fastening systems.

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