Are you wondering about how to get economical insect screens for protecting your peace of mind?
As you will see, there is no lack of websites offering protection against insects, but not all are able to offer the equipment that is right for you, that which truly guarantees you maximum satisfaction.
If you are looking for advice about where to buy and how to install the insect screens that are best for you, you are in the right place: for years Grifo Flex has been offering protection against not only mosquitoes, but also flies and bees, and it will help you choose the type of insect screen that is best for you from among the many styles that are available.

Insect screens: the production of made-to-measure screens

For a number of years by now the manufacturing of insect screens has become more advanced and diversified, to meet the increasingly specific demands of the market, providing advanced models using innovative materials and more efficient manufacturing techniques.

The various styles of insect screen differ from each in many ways: the type of opening (manual chain or spring operated), the direction in which it opens (vertical or horizontal), color and material of the frame and the screen mesh, the presence or not of a canister and its dimensions, resistance to rain, wind and sun: all of these factors must be taken into consideration when deciding which types of insect screen are really the best for satisfying your needs.

Naturally there are models that are designed for specific purposes and recommended for installation in certain environments rather than others (balconies, terraces, verandas, etc.).
In following you will find a summary of the most common types of insect screen, their respective strengths and their features, to give you an idea about the advantages they can offer you.

The main types of economical insect screens available

Roll up insect screens are an ideal type for discreet, efficient protection of your home: made with a practical spring (or chain) vertical or horizontal (spring only) opening system, they are available in practical and elegant designs and adapt very well to the architectural characteristics of the building.

A strong but light frame, together with a practical, versatile design, make them a reliable protection solution even for unusual locations: they are available with a return spring or dual opening, and therefore are extremely practical and easy to use.

Movable panel insect screens are a very suitable type for those situations in which they do not need to be opened and closed quickly, and when the screen does not to be opened completely.

Sliding panel insect screens can protect both regular windows and French windows, both medium and large sized and, available in models with two or more panels, they ensure full protection of balconies and verandas, as well as the possibility of removing them when not needed and quickly reinstalling them when necessary.
Fast and easy to install, sturdy and strong, available with the type of screen mesh that is most suitable for your needs, they are tough, long lasting and economical, for safe and easy protection of your moments of relaxation.

Pleated insect screens are the perfect solution for protecting French windows that you need to open and close frequently: easy to clean thanks to the quick installation and removal, they allow you to keep you house always clean and neat.
Quiet, easy to use and attractive, with a graceful, functional design, they have no barriers on the floor, allowing unhindered passage, and they always remain perfectly efficient because they have no mechanisms that require maintenance.
When you choose pleated insect screens, you choose quality models, windproof and weatherproof, quiet and elegant: a choice you won’t regret!

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