Grifo Flex is a leading manufacturer
of made-to-measure insect screens
and solar screens.

We like to call ourselves a technology and services company, with a serious commitment to quality with no exceptions: this is our philosophy and our corporate mission.
Grifo Flex’s basic strategic commitment is customer satisfaction, which has been our goal since the company was founded.

Grifo Flex: quality solutions.

Grifo Flex: the numbers of a great italian excellence.

Più di 100
Our employees, who talk with customers, plan, make, test and deliver products every day.
The vehicles in our fleet and that make deliveries every day all over Italy.
The number of square meters occupied by our main plant in Marsciano, including offices, production and warehouses.
The international locations of Grifo Flex S.p.A., satisfying customers in Italy and abroad.
Orders processed monthly by our sales staff and our E-Order platform.
Years in business: founded in 1971 as a small shop, now grown into a modern industrial enterprise.
Our customer service staff, who respond to customers quickly and efficiently.

Looking to the future without forgetting our origins.

In November 1971 a small workshop for producing made to measure venetian blinds and folding doors was established in Deruta, near Perugia: this shop would grow and later become Grifo Flex S.p.A.

1978. Production begins of the first insect screens with the Grifo Flex brand: “In those years the raw materials and technology available were rather limited. The market was virtually unknown, with great potential, a whole new territory to be explored. We were among the ‘pioneers’ of the retractable insect screen... .”

1985. A very important year for Grifo Flex, because the first line of spring-operated roll up insect screens, made to measure, with a design and technology engineered by the company: the America line.

1985-1995. In this decade the made to measure Europa line is put on the market, as well as the modular Colibrì and Élite insect screen kits (Oceania line), which over the years and in response to requests from customers would also be made to measure, alongside the Sidney model for French windows.

1996. A new production unit is created for manufacturing the MuskiDoor® hinged insect screen (later replaced by the Amerika model).
Grifo Flex s.r.l. is created: the company has 3 production units, with a total of 3000 square meters and 30 employees.

2000. The first line of built-in roll up insect screens is put on the market; later it is totally redesigned, and with the industrial patent obtained for the innovative quick installation systems, it is called the Asia line.

2004. The company moves to the new plant in the Marsciano industrial park, marking the transformation from a small company to an industrial manufacturer of made to measure insect screens, solar screens and roller shutters.

2005. Grifo Flex S.p.a. is founded.

2007. Year of the industrial patent for the new Asia line systems.

2009. Grifo Flex enters the world of passive security, starting production of extendable grilles: first the Silèa line, and a few years later, the Silight line.

2011. 40 years of business.

2012. Grifo Flex Tunisie is established, the Tunisian subsidiary for the production of roll up and panel insect screens for the local market.

2015. Grifo Flex enters the Middle Eastern market, participating in Aluminium Middle East and in the Big 5 in Dubai.


Many quality solutions a single point of reference.

Roll Up Insect Screens

Four lines, more than 30 models and over 200 versions, in 33 different colors for satisfying the widest range of technical and aesthetic requirements. Easy and quick installation. G Series without floor guide tracks.

Pleated Insect Screens

Side retraction screens, with a pleated mesh, which eliminates the need for a spring to retract the mesh, without floor guide tracks.

Panel Insect Screens

Panel insect screens are the ideal complement to roll up screens. They can be chosen for both aesthetic and functional considerations or as an alternative to a roll up screen.

Solar Screens

Open roll or with canister; with or without guides; fabric inside or outside guides; manual or motorized, interior and exterior. Many different types and models.

Roller Shutters

Rolling shutters in PVC, aluminum or steel offer protection from sun, wind and weather. They are sturdy and long-lasting. The polyurethane foam (where present) improves insulation.

Passive Security

Extendable grilles in aluminum with support structure in AISI 304 stainless steel (Class 3 anti-burglary certified) or in steel faced with zinc-magnesium.